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Tanzania Securities Limited (TSL) was incorporated in 1994 under the Companies Ordinance (Cap 212) with Certificate of Incorporation No. 25380 as a securities brokerage and investment advisory company. TSL is licensed by the Capital Market and Securities Authority of Tanzania (CMSA) as a broker-dealer, an investment advisor and a fund management firm. TSL is also a Licensed Dealing Member (LDM) of the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) and is an approved primary and secondary dealer of Government Securities which include Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds.

TSL principal business activities include: provision of prudential securities broker-dealer services under the auspices of DSE and investment advisory services which includes advising customers on securities and corporate finance issues, undertaking portfolio management services on behalf of customers and carrying out research and analysis on securities and companies listed in the stock market.


Our Vision and Mission

The Company’s vision is “to become the firm of choice in provision for securities brokerage and investment advisory services in Tanzania”.

In realizing the above vision, we are being guided by the following mission: “provision of high-quality and timely professional services in the capital market that cater for investment operations”.