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Investment & Corporate Finance Advisory


Advisory Services

This involves provision of Investment advisory services which include among others, advising customers on investment decisions relating to equities, bonds and money market instruments, based on our research, expertise and experience. We also provide a wide range of corporate finance advisory services such as:

  • Assisting companies to comply with regulatory requirements during securities issue and listing;
  • Analysis of cost of capital and recommending appropriate financing structure;
  • Conducting business and share valuations;
  • Performing advisory services as capital market lead advisor on initial public offer (IPO) transactions, private placements, arranging and placing services on debt issuance and sponsoring brokerage services for equity IPOs and rights issues;
  • Assisting companies already listed on the DSE to undertake secondary offering or listing of additional shares, and offers for sale;
  • Assisting firms with in-depth balance sheet analysis and restructuring, regulatory compliance, ownership and cost analysis to help them to make funding and/or investment decisions;
  • Advising clients on best investing opportunities available in the capital markets;
  • Advising clients on best financing options available, e.g. by comparing public listing on the DSE against private placements or bank borrowing or other financing types;
  • As a nominated advisors (NOMAD) - currently through the wholly-owned TSL Investments Management Ltd subsidiary - assisting start-up companies, Small and Medium size Enterprise (SME) and other growth-potential companies to raise capital from the public and list their shares on the DSE